Regina Short Obituary, Alabama woman, 56, Who Died Thrown From Horse at Florida Rodeo

Regina Short Obituary, Death – On Sunday, it was made public by local officials that an announcement had been made that a woman from Alabama had passed away as a consequence of injuries incurred when she was thrown off a horse while participating in a rodeo in the panhandle of Florida. The woman had been participating in the rodeo. The announcement made it sound as though the woman had competed in the rodeo at some point.  Regina Short, who is 56 years old, had just finished competing in a barrel race that was held at the Baker Arena Community Facility on Saturday. She was in the process of exiting the competition arena down an exit ramp when her horse suddenly moved, and it yanked her off of its back soon after the movement. The event was held in the Baker Arena Community Facility, which served as the venue for the gathering.

She was said to have fallen and hit a pole prior to being carried to a local hospital, where she ultimately passed away unexpectedly as a consequence of the injuries she had sustained as a result of the fall and the impact with the pole, as reported by deputies with the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Department. Her passing was attributed to the injuries she had sustained as a result of the injuries she had sustained as a consequence of the fall and the impact with the pole. The authorities did not reveal Short’s name to the general public right away; instead, they just stated that the victim was a woman from another state who was 56 years old.

On the other hand, other people who rode horses recognized her on Facebook, where they also gave their condolences and provided images of her final moments. In addition, she was memorialized in these posts by other people who rode horses. In addition, several people who rode horses recalled her fondly. [Citation needed] One of the things that she looked forward to the most was the opportunity to go horseback riding, and these photographs show her grinning and appearing pleased while she is participating in the activity. We are going to miss having her here with us.


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