Ray Rice Obituary, Scottsburg Radio Station Owner Has Passed Away

Ray Rice Death, Obituary – In the wee hours of Sunday night, the owner of a radio station in southern Indiana who had earlier experienced a stroke while on vacation in Mexico passed away. Several years had passed since the stroke. Ray Rice’s daughter, Amy Nichols, said that her father passed away on Sunday night, about 7:30 p.m. Nichols requested in a message that “those of you who prayed so hard” know their “prayers were felt and answered.” “Those of you who prayed so hard,” he said, “may know that your prayers were felt and answered.”

He acknowledged “those of you who prayed so fervently” in the post. Rice experienced her first stroke while traveling on a Virgin Voyages ship in the Caribbean. The Caribbean was being traversed by the ship. It would be the next day before an ambulance could pick him up and carry him to the hospital in Playa del Carmen, a journey that would take a total of five hours. It would take 24 hours to complete the journey. He could do nothing but wait. After having a stroke, Rice was unable to speak or move, which made it difficult for him to interact with other people.

Rice was unable to communicate with others as a result. He returned to the country by air earlier this week and was taken right away to the McAllen Hospital in Texas, which is located just across the border from Mexico. Transporting him to a hospital in Louisville would be the following step in their plan, as they had anticipated. Rice, who is also in charge of planning the event, has been in charge of the “We Care” Christmas campaign since it began thirty years ago.

Children from low-income families who are enrolled in local schools have benefited from this campaign through the provision of jackets and a range of other winter goods, including various sorts of school materials. Rice had a prior ownership interest in the Scottsburg radio station 105.3.


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