Randal Oulton Obituary, Randal Oulton Has Sadly Passed Away

Randal Oulton Obituary, Death – the widow of Henry Adams and a well-known resident of the city, passed away yesterday at the home of her son, W. A. Adams, located at 30 North street. Melinda was particularly well-known in the north end of the city. Mrs. ADAMS lived at 211 Lockman street for a number of years before relocating back to her house approximately six weeks ago after she began experiencing major health problems. Joseph, who lives in New York, Henry, who lives in Cummington, New Hampshire, Stanley, who lives in Quebec, and William A., who is a well-known grocer and who operates his company at the intersection of Lockman and North streets, are the only sons to have survived. The decedent had reached the age of eighty and had been a faithful attendee of St. George’s church. Her warm and friendly personality won her the affection of a large number of people who did not belong to her direct family and who would mourn her passing deeply.

Tomorrow afternoon at two o’clock, the funeral will take place, beginning at 30 North street and on to Camp Hill cemetery. The following was printed in the Evening Mail on Wednesday, March 13, 1907, on page 12, column 3: A considerable number of friends of the late Mrs. Malinda ADAMS attended her funeral, which was held yesterday afternoon at 30 North street. The burial took place at Camp Hill cemetery, and Reverend H. W. CUNNINGHAM presided over the ceremony as the officiating clergyman. Ellie S. Almon (née Dodd), of Halifax and formerly of (c.1836-1906) Material Classification: Obituary Anna M. MacDonald is responsible for this contribution. ContributorEmail: at828@chebucto.ns.ca Page 12 of the Evening Mail from October 16, 1906, which served as the source. Editorial Notes: Subject: Obituaries —Halifax County, the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia (Halifax County) Date: 07/05/98 Tuesday, October 16, 1906 edition of the Evening Mail, page 12: Ellie S. ALMON, the widow of Cotton ALMON, a member of one of the most prominent families in this province, passed away this morning at her apartment located at 35 Hollis street. Cotton ALMON was the son of the late Senator ALMON and was married to Ellie S. ALMON. Mrs. ALMON’s health had been deteriorating for a number of months, and her predicament has been recognized from the very beginning as one that is worthy of significant concern, particularly in light of the fact that she is seventy years old.

However, the news of her passing will be received with deep regret by her very many friends throughout the province, as that of a beloved “lady of the old school,” a type that is now vanishing rapidly – in fact, almost extinct. This is despite the fact that those who were familiar with the state of her health did not find it surprising that she had passed away. Mrs. ALMON, formerly known as Miss DODD, was related to the late Honorable Judge DODD of Cape Breton, who was her cousin. She was personally lovely, and she was a devoted churchwoman. Her involvement and interest in all aspects of the work of the parish of St. Paul, which church she was a member of, made her passing especially felt there. She was a member of the church. She held this position right up until the time of her most recent sickness when she stepped down as the parish’s Woman’s Auxiliary Treasurer. She leaves behind three children: a son, Dr. W. Bruce ALMON, and two daughters, Misses Susan and Caroline ALMON. She is survived by her children. Anderson, Alexander, of Lunenburg (c.1834-1907) Material Classification: Obituary Anna M. MacDonald is responsible for this contribution. ContributorEmail: at828@chebucto.ns.ca Page 8 of the Evening Mail from February 26, 1907, which was the source of this information. Notes: Subject: Obituaries —Nova Scotia: Lunenburg County, the Boat Building, Loyalists in Lunenburg, and Postal Services Lunenburg (Lunenburg County)


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