Ramy Malaty Obituary, Clearwater, FL, Da Kine Taphouse proprietor has died

Because of your departure, Ramy, our lives have suddenly become empty, and our hearts have been irreparably broken. I wish that your memories would endure forever. Craft beer was originally introduced to me by Ramy Malaty, who also educated me on its various styles and method of manufacturing. He used to always reply, “Yeah, why don’t you do it here,” whenever I would discuss the thoughts going through my head. Simply put, like that. He also instructed me on how to carry out this, LOL. He didn’t really know me, but he was behind the Music, Art, and Beer event I’d been trying to organize for a while.

I then told him about my dream as I started to transition into cooking, and he once more urged that I accomplish it here. He set the bar high for that kind of guy. There it was at the very first SL on May 1st! After that, it really took off! The birth of Black Rabbit occurred there! I will always be appreciative of his unwavering support for all of my initiatives. May you live in peace. old chum, We shall miss you dreadfully. till the day that we are reunited with our son.



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