Rachel Whalen Obituary, Newfoundland and Labrador CN Rachel Whalen Has Passed Away

Rachel Whalen Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, November 10, 2015, Mrs. Rachael Crowder Whalen, who resided in Salisbury, died away peacefully at her home. She had reached the age of 55. She was born in Salisbury on August 15, 1916, and she would continue to call that city home throughout the remainder of her life. Her birthplace also served as her place of abode. Both of her parents, John Goode Crowder and Pearl Bias Crowder, had passed away before she was born. Her parents’ names were Pearl Bias Crowder and John Goode Crowder. Her mother was named Pearl Bias Crowder, and her father was named John Goode Crowder. In order to pursue her education, she went to both the public schools in Salisbury, which are located in the state of North Carolina, as well as Catawba College.

Mrs. Whalen was a member of Judge J.A. Dunn’s staff at the time that he accepted a position with the State ABC Board. Despite this, she continued to work for him even after he moved into his new capacity, and she did so right up until the time when she retired from her employment. Mrs. Whalen was an active participant in the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church community for the entirety of her membership there. During this time, she served on a number of the church’s committees. As a direct consequence of this, she maintained an active presence within the community. Both Rowan Helping Ministries and Meals on Wheels profited from her work as a volunteer, as did the organization in which she volunteered, which was Meals on Wheels.

Mrs. Whalen was married twice, the first time to an individual by the name of Uriah G. Lucas, and the second time to an individual by the name of Russell M. Whalen. Sadly, Mrs. Whalen outlived both of her husbands, who both went away before she did. She has a sizeable number of nieces and nephews who will be orphaned as a result of her departure. She had a wonderful day meeting up with all of her friends and relatives throughout the day, which was how she spent her day off. Chestnut Hill Cemetery has traditionally been the location of the private funeral service as well as the burial of the deceased. The neighborhood of Chestnut Hill is home to the Chestnut Hill Cemetery. Summersett Funeral Home handled funeral arrangements.

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