Queidin Flores Obituary, Police Identify Victims Killed In Dallas Apartment Shooting

Queidin Flores Obituary, Death – The Dallas Police Department has been able to identify two of the three people who were murdered in the shooting that took place early on Friday morning inside an apartment complex in the Far North Dallas neighborhood. The incident occurred in the region known as “Far North Dallas.” The occurrence was found to have taken place in the Far North Dallas neighborhood. As a result of the incident, two additional persons were hurt, bringing the total number of injured people to four.

After 4:30 in the morning, shots were fired at the Landmark on the Valley Apartments, which are situated on Spring Valley Road not too far from the Central Expressway. The shooting occurred after 4:30 in the morning. Sometime after 4:30 in the morning, the rounds were fired in the direction of the target. There is no way to specify exactly when the event took place in time because there is no means to do so. The moment the police came, they found five persons who had been shot, some of them were found inside a vehicle.

Some of the victims had been shot in the head. It seems that a number of the people who were killed were struck while they were still inside the car in which they were traveling. One of the victims was a female, while the other two were males. One of the casualties was a female. The deaths of three of the victims were confirmed by the police at the scene of the incident. The other two patients were transported in an ambulance to a nearby medical institution that was situated in close proximity to the scene of the incident. It seemed as though one of them was dealing with some really perilous problems, and it appeared that the other was one of them.

Queidin Flores, who was 29 years old, and Stanley Chachagua, who was 22 years old, have been identified by the authorities as two of the victims who were shot and killed as a result of the incident. These two victims both passed away as a direct result of the event that occurred. Once his family has been made aware of the incident, only then will it be possible to determine the identity of the other male victim. We aren’t going to reveal his name until after that period of time has gone.


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