Princess Tolliver Obituary, Residence of Tallahassee Mourns Princess Tolliver’s Death

Princess Tolliver Obituary, Death – According to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, a shooting that took place early on Monday morning in Sanford resulted in the death of one woman and numerous other persons being injured to the point that they needed to be sent to a hospital for treatment. At approximately 2:20 in the morning, individuals who were traveling in two separate vehicles near the intersection of County Road 46A and Rinehart Road were involved in a shooting, according to statements made by deputies from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

The individuals who were involved were shot by another individual. There was a lack of information regarding the specifics of the circumstances that may have led to the shooting, as well as the number of people that were involved in the conflict, in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

This included both the number of people who were shot and the number of people who were involved in the conflict. At the time, neither the number of people who were injured nor the severity of their wounds could be determined with certainty. In addition, it was uncertain how many persons had sustained injuries.

Another question that had no clear solution was how many people had been injured as a result of the incident. Nevertheless, deputies from Seminole County stated that it does not appear that the shooting was random, and that the investigation is still underway and will continue in the future.

The deputies also stated that the inquiry will continue in the future. Additionally, the deputies mentioned that the probe is not yet complete. The deceased woman has been identified as Princess Tolliver, and according to an update that was provided by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office on Monday evening, she was 31 years old and lived in the city of Tallahassee.

Princess Tolliver was identified as the deceased woman. In addition, the authorities stated that one of the automobiles that are thought to be involved was discovered on Monday afternoon, and that it is currently being processed. This particular vehicle is suspected to have been involved in the incident. The authorities volunteered this information to be shared with us.

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