Pride Barker Obituary, Pride Barker Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Pride Barker Obituary, Death– On Thursday morning, a man from Chesterfield County was traveling on Mount Blanco Road when his vehicle veered off the road and into a nearby pond. The man was thrown from his vehicle but survived the accident.

The person operating the vehicle sustained an injury. The man was thrown from his vehicle during the collision, yet he was able to survive the event. After some time had passed since the accident, the lifeless body of the driver was discovered at the scene of the collision.

On Thursday, January 12, at approximately 10:17 in the morning, officials and firefighters responded to a call concerning an automobile that had drove into a neighborhood retention pond. The incident was reported by a concerned citizen.

The occurrence took place on a street that was primarily residential. On that particular day, the collision had taken place earlier in the morning. It was said that witnesses witnessed an automobile drive into the pond; however, the driver did not emerge from the vehicle after it had entered the water after it had driven into the pond after it had driven into the water after it had driven into the pond.

According to reports, the driver was taken to a local medical facility for additional treatment after being rescued from the vehicle by members of the police and fire departments. According to the officials, it was at that location where he ultimately succumbed to an undetermined cause of death.

An individual by the name of Pride E. Barker was identified as having been the driver of the vehicle at the time of the incident. The suspect in this case is identified as being Barker, a Chester resident who is 52 years old.

An inquiry was begun after the collision that occurred earlier, and it is still still being conducted at this time.

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