Police Investigate shooting at Burke Street Pizza pub Winston-Salem NC

Shooting at Burke Street Pizza pub Winston: A group of officers from the Winston-Salem Police Department is currently en route to a structure on North Point Boulevard. There is a significant presence of officers from various law enforcement agencies here. The police were called to a building that was located somewhere in the neighborhood of Cherry Street and the 8000 block of North Point Boulevard at approximately 5:30 in the morning.

The exact location of the building is unknown at this time. When the report was made at 7:45 in the morning, they had not yet left the location where the incident took place. Police dispatch would only confirm that officers were on their way to the scene of the incident after receiving a report of an assault with a deadly weapon involving a firearm after receiving the report. This was done in order to protect the officers’ safety.

The authorities have not disclosed whether or not they have a suspect in custody, nor have they discussed the events that took place before the call in question. In addition, the police will not confirm or deny whether or not a standoff is currently taking place; all that they will say is that there will be a significant presence of police officers until the problem is resolved.

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