Philip Robinson Obituary, The EULAR Family is deeply saddened by the news of Philip Robinson’s passing

Philip Robinson Obituary, Death – Yesterday, I got a message from Cliff Robinson (2005-2006), alerting me that his brother, Phil, had passed away a few days earlier. I found out this information through the message that I received yesterday. When I heard the news, it made me feel terrible. The progression of Phil’s professional career is something that I’ve been keeping up with, not only out of interest but also out of a sense of personal pride. His research in the subject of rheumatology was considered highly significant by a number of people, and he received a great deal of recognition for it. He had arrived at a stage in his life where he fully accepted himself for who he was. Because he had attained such a high level of accomplishment in his professional life, a significant number of his contemporaries as well as other individuals looked up to him and respected him.

When Phil first went to Knox in 1997, he was given a room in Somerville Court 5, which would later be renamed Wilson House. At that time, Phil was living in Knox for the first time. In 1998, he moved into the Tower Block, and I believe the room number of his new apartment was 35A on the first floor of the north wing. His move took place in 1998.
When Phil attended Knox College for the first time as an undergraduate student, his fellow classmates will remember him as an introverted and quiet individual who spent the most of his time by himself. However, I do remember that on one or two instances, he may have taken more alcohol than was healthy for him, probably in an effort to make it easy for himself to connect with other people; as a result, the two of us were compelled to “have a bit of a talk”!

I have reason to assume that Phil was the great-grandson of the Reverend Dr. Andrew Cameron, who was the Principal Founder of the College. Phil was a member of the Cameron family, descended from Dr. Andrew Cameron. Even though Phil’s life was cut far too short, it was full of so much purpose and generosity, and the world is a far better place as a result of Phil’s having been a part of it. Even though Phil’s life was cut short, it was filled with so much purpose and generosity. Our sincere condolences go out to his brother, Cliff, as well as to his widow, Helen, and their two young sons. We are deeply saddened by his passing.

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