Philip Morijda Obituary, A Cross Tavern RSC Supporter Has Passed Away

Philip Morijda Obituary, Death – Philip Morijda has sadly passed away. Because it was revealed today that a cherished friend had passed away, Philip Morijda, the entirety of the village of Whitburn was left in a state of melancholy as a direct result of this piece of news. This man is one of the most loving people any of us have ever encountered, in addition to being a good old school rangers guy, a close pal, and one of the most excellent old buddies we’ve ever had. Additionally, he is one of the best longtime friends that we have ever had.

You will have heard this man’s stories of wonderful journeys from Dundee to Hamilton, not to mention the many, many travels around Europe following the team that he loved, with the people that he loved. You will also have heard about the many, many travels around Europe following the team that he loved. You have probably also heard about the numerous trips that he took across Europe to follow the team that he loved, along with the people that he loved. No matter how old you are, you will have heard one or more of these tales at some point in your life.

Stories will be remembered by everyone and recounted even after he has died away and for a very long time after that. Stories that will live on even after he has been forgotten. On the other hand, you probably shouldn’t expose all of them, given that there are some topics that shouldn’t be discussed openly with the general public. This is because some themes contain sensitive information that should be kept confidential. Morijda, I pray that you have restful dreams tonight and that the idea that we will never forget you brings you comfort.


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