Peter Szarafinski Obituary, Head of International Public Relation At Liqui Moly Has Died

Peter Szarafinski Obituary, Death – The tragic news of the untimely passing of the 47-year-old man was delivered to the workforce of the lubricant company before the evening of Christmas Eve. His passing away occurred at a far too young of an age. The information came as a total surprise, and it caused a great deal of unease among everyone. The managing director of Liqui-Moly, Günter Hiermaier, observed that it was “great” and “a big loss” to lose a coworker who was held in such high respect and was liked by such a large number of people. Günter Hiermaier was quoted as saying that the loss was “wonderful” and “a big loss.”

Hiermaier was using the word “extraordinary” to characterize the events that took place. Szarafinski, a journalist who had finished his official education by the year 2010, was hired for the newly created job of Head of International Public Relations at the headquarters of Liqui Moly. This particular passage has, from the very beginning of the planning process, had only he and no one else in mind. According to the statements made by the Managing Director Günter Hiermaier, “Over the course of the previous 13 years, Dr. Peter Szarafinski has built up and further improved the public relations work in our overseas markets.

The effort that we do in public relations in our international marketplaces” Because of his extensive knowledge, his careful attention to detail, and the exceptionally high standards he sets for himself in the workplace, he has been an essential contributor to the increase in our company’s reputation. The untimely passing of this coworker is also a significant source of regret due to the size of the positive impact he had on the workplace. This is because he was such a pleasant and well-liked coworker who was well-liked by everyone. Everyone has suffered a loss as a result of the untimely passing of this coworker at such a little age. Throughout this trying time, he, his family, and his partner have been kept in our thoughts and prayers along with the rest of their loved ones. Our warmest thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of them.

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