Peggy Hickey Obituary, LA Opera Mourns Peggy Hickey’s Death

Peggy Hickey Obituary, Death – Peggy Hickey was a skilled dancer and choreographer, as well as a dear friend who we hold in very high regard and a hard worker who was employed by our company for a period of years. The week before last, she abruptly passed away. She went on to a better place not long ago.

We are suffering sentiments of absolute sadness as well as helplessness as a direct result of learning of her departure. This is a direct cause of our current state of affairs. Peggy’s professional career lasted a number of decades, and at the Los Angeles Opera alone, she was responsible for the choreography of 38 distinct productions.

A few examples of productions that fall into this category include the plays “Aida” in 2005, “Ghost of Versailles” in 2015 (on which she is shown working alongside director Darko Tresnjak), and “Salome” in 2017. We express our deepest condolences to those she leaves behind, especially those she cared about as well as members of her family and loved ones.

Her positive attitude and unflappable skill will be missed terribly, and we extend our heartfelt condolences to those she leaves behind. In the years to come, she will hold a special place in our hearts. Peggy was amazing with our son Thomas Kuklenski when he was performing in the production of “La Boheme” in 2012 as one of Parpignol’s clowns in the part of the Count Ory.

This was during the time that Thomas was playing the part of the Count Ory. This occurred while Thomas was assuming the role of Parpignol at the time. Peggy was an excellent source of encouragement and support for Thomas during the course of the process. It gave me a lot of pleasure to watch her collaborate with Thomas, Bianca, and Ben Bliss in order to figure out how she might make use of the juggling and tumbling skills that they possessed.

Seeing her do so brought me a lot of happiness. Observing the relationship between them brought me a great deal of pleasure. My interest was awakened, and I found the whole thing to be rather intriguing. She was an asset that could never be replaced and no amount of money, no matter how much, could ever buy her.

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