Pedro Mateos Obituary, Chicago Mourns Pedro Mateos Death

Pedro Mateos Obituary, Death – It was discovered that a man by the name of Pedro Santiago Mateos was one of the victims who did not survive their injuries. At the time of his passing, he had reached the age of 35. He spent his entire life in the Humboldt Park neighborhood as a resident of the neighborhood.

This information was provided to us and shared with us by the Cook County Coroner, and we are appreciative to them for their assistance in this matter. The terrible event that finally led to his passing was confirmed to be the key contributor to his demise as the root cause of his passing was determined, as indicated by the results of the ME.

On Thursday morning around eleven o’clock in the morning, police enforcement officials were summoned to the 700 block of East Oakwood Boulevard in order to investigate a scenario. The scenario was reported to have occurred earlier in the morning. It was reported that the scenario took place at that location. According to the reports, the occurrence took place early in the day when the day was still young. During that time period, there was a probe being conducted in that particular site.

There were already more than a dozen firefighters on the scene when a portion of the structure fell, in addition to the helicopter that was flying over them and bearing the designation 7HD. It was possible to make out firefighters searching through the wreckage while holding flashlights. Elizabeth Kertowidjojo, a resident of the area who was in the vicinity at the time, claimed that all of a sudden there was a huge bang, and she also felt the earth move.

According to her, she was in the neighborhood at the time in question. During that little window of opportunity, those who lived in the neighborhood got together with one another and debated the subject of whether or not the building in question deserved to be torn down as part of the project.

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