Paulina Dembska Obituary, Paulina Dembska Has Sadly Passed Away

Paulina Dembska Obituary, Death – The young Turkish woman who was killed when a car ran into her on Wednesday had told her family that she felt at home in Malta, which is why she hoped to stay in the country. She was killed when a car slammed into her while she was crossing the street. On Wednesday, she was struck and murdered by an automobile, which ultimately proved to be fatal. She was tragically killed by a car when she was crossing the street because she was hit by the vehicle. Her untimely passing was the result of a terrible mishap. She was struck by a car, which ultimately resulted in her death as a consequence of the injuries she sustained as a result of the accident.

In an interview with the Times of Malta, her devastated uncle Aykan Ceylan disclosed that he had a chat with Pelin Kaya the last time she visited him in Istanbul, and that he had sought to urge her to return to live in Turkey. The interview took place not long after her uncle had suffered a recent loss in the form of his wife. Pelin Kaya used to travel to Istanbul in the past so that she could spend time with her uncle, who had recently become a widower. Pelin Kaya had visited Aykan Ceylan in Istanbul. On the other hand, she presented herself to him in such a way that led him to believe that she was doing well in Malta and that everything was proceeding as expected.

“The last time she was in Istanbul, I made an attempt to urge her to remain there, but she informed me that she had a profound affection for Malta, and she insisted on staying there because it is such a secure nation. I made an effort to encourage her to remain in Istanbul the last time she was there. When she was in Istanbul for the last time, I made an effort to convince her to extend her stay in the city. She told me about it while she was in Istanbul, and at the time, I was trying to convince her to remain in the city. She told me about it while she was there. It should be noted that she was in Istanbul during that time.

He made this statement while being assisted by an interpreter and while being accompanied by his attorneys Shazoo Ghaznavi, Charron Gouder, and Ramona Attard. This statement was made by him while he was being assisted by an interpreter. [Further citation is required] He said that they believed in her common sense and trusted her. We put a lot of faith in the information that her instincts provide.
“We are aware that not everyone can be trusted, and we are also aware that some of these untrustworthy persons live in Malta. Even if it is true that events of this kind can take place in a number of other countries, we are also aware that some of these people live in Malta. It was this very same person who was to responsible for Pelin’s going away in the first place.


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