Paul Estridge JR Obituary, Indianapolis IN, has peacefully passed away

Paul Estridge Obituary – After a lengthy and fruitful career, the man who was considered to be one of the most successful homebuilders in central Indiana passed away at the age of 65. The information that Paul Estridge Jr. had passed away the previous day at Methodist Hospital was shared with the general public by members of his family. It is said that when he passed away, he did so with his family by his side.

When he left this world, he took them with him. Companies owned by Estridge have reportedly constructed almost 9,000 homes in the central region of Indiana since 1967, as stated in a report that was published in the Indianapolis Business Journal at that time. In 2011, he capitulated to the pressure and shut down the company, but in 2013, he staged a successful comeback and proved his detractors wrong by disproving their claims.

According to a report that was distributed by the IBJ in November 2020, Estridge had previously received a lung transplant; however, he was recently diagnosed with a lung infection, and his family is worried that he will not be able to recover from it. The report was published in the IBJ. According to a representative of the family, the fact that Paul was an accomplished and well-respected businessman will be part of his legacy; however, the commitment that he had to his family was the thing that drove him the most in life.

Paul’s legacy will include the fact that he was an accomplished and well-respected businessman. The family was Paul’s number one priority in life. Judy was able to rely on him to always be a loving and devoted husband throughout their marriage. His three children, Mary Ellen McIntyre (Coleman), Elyse Harvey (Scott), and Joshua Estridge, held a profound and unending affection for him as a doting father.

Joshua Estridge was the oldest of three children. In addition, Cashel Timothy McIntyre, Amos Paul McIntyre, and Ruth Rose Harvey looked up to him a great deal because he was their cherished Pappy. His passing took place in the year 2002. His wife, Judy, will continue on after he is gone.

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