Paul Dunn Obituary, Lake land PD Remembering Motor Officer

Paul Dunn Obituary, Death – Since we last had the pleasure of witnessing that grin, it has been a tortuous three years. Paul, who was an officer in addition to being a spouse, father, brother, and wonderful friend, had a huge impact on the lives of an extremely large number of people who were close to him. Since he has been taken out of the picture, the world seems to have some of its luster sapped away from it.

Officer Paul Dunn passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, January 9, 2020, as a result of injuries he received while on duty in a vehicle accident that took place close to where Lake Miriam Drive and Lakeland Highlands Road link. The incident took place near the intersection of these two roads. The crash occurred close to the intersection of these two roads here in the neighborhood. The event took place in the general area of the intersection of two highways. At that time, he was under the age of 50 and had not yet attained the age of 50.

Officer Dunn had previously worked for the Ocoee Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office for a combined total of a good number of years prior to beginning his employment with our organization in 2013. Both of those institutions have employed him at some point over his over twenty-decade-long career in law enforcement, during which he has held positions with both of those entities. Officer Dunn, a member of our motor unit, garnered a great deal of respect from his fellow officers and from the community at large.

Additionally, he had a lot of fans. In addition to that, Officer Dunn has a background that includes serving in the Marine Corps of the United States of America. Your thoughts and prayers are with Officer Dunn’s family and all those who knew and loved him during this difficult time. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Even after this message has been delivered, please continue to remember them in your prayers and thoughts. Officer Dunn’s name has been inscribed on the Fallen Heroes Memorial, and a wreath has been laid there in his honor. At the very bottom of the plaque is where you’ll find the wreath.

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