Oklahoma Police Investigating Del City OKH Basketball School shooting

On Tuesday evening, a bullet was fired during a boys’ basketball game in the state of Oklahoma, and the local police are investigating the incident. The reporter for USA Today, Hallie Hart, stated that the event took place after a game that was played between Del City and Millwood. The event is currently being looked into by the Del City Police Department, which is in charge of leading the inquiry. According to KOCO News, the police have claimed that one adult male was shot and taken to a hospital after the incident. People have reported hearing gunshots both inside and outside the building that houses Del City High School. There have also been reports of people seeing bullets.

In a statement, the administrator of Del City High School, Steve Gilliland, described the aftermath of a basketball game between his school and Millwood High School as “a melee ensued and weapons were shot inside the field house following the conclusion of the boy’s basketball game.” Following the conclusion of the match versus Millwood High School, the event took place. “The Del City Police Department has arrived at the scene and is currently conducting an investigation into what transpired there. We are committed to bringing our families up to date with any newly discovered information as soon as it is made accessible.”

The mother of a senior forward for the Del City basketball team indicated on Twitter that her son’s squad is “doing okay” in the aftermath of the shooting that occurred. This was brought up by Hart before. William Mays, the senior guard for Millwood, is rumored to have posted the following on social media, as stated by Hart: “We would like to express our gratitude to everyone from both schools who is praying for us. I give thanks to God for watching over not only my family but also the people who live in Millwood and Del City. I sincerely hope that everyone involved is aware of the fact that merely carrying a gun does not guarantee success in social situations. All that is left for us to do is keep our fingers crossed that they will finally get it sometime.”

No suspects are reportedly being held in custody at this time, as stated by the authorities.

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