Ntate Mokwena Obituary, Members Of CC RIDERS KIMBERLEY Has Died

Ntate Mokwena Obituary, Death – The passing of Ntate Louis “Boet Lou” Mokwena, a long-time member of the CC Riders family who had gained a lot of respect throughout his time here, has resulted in a profound sense of sadness that has pervaded the environment. This sensation of melancholy is a direct outcome of Ntate Louis “Boet Lou” Mok’s death. Ntate Louis “Boet Lou” Mokwena’s departure has created a vacuum in our lives, which we profoundly regret. The fact that his death was directly accountable for Ntate Louis “Boe’s death was the direct source of this melancholy that I felt.

The knowledge that his death was directly responsible for Ntate Louis “Bo’s” death is directly accountable for my melancholy mood as a result of this predicament. The death of a family member in the household has prompted the surviving members to go through the stages of sorrow that they are currently experiencing. May the Almighty’s presence, along with His love and serenity, bring solace and strength to his family during this trying time, and may He shower them with His tranquillity. May the Almighty be found among his descendants. May the glory of the Most High be yours.

They deserve the tranquility that comes with God’s favor in their lives. They have proven themselves worthy of the blessing of the All-Powerful One’s presence, and they deserve it. In their presence, I implore the All-Powerful to look favorably on you and support you in whatever way they deem fit. I ask that the All-Powerful hear my prayer and grant it. I wish you a sincere voyage toward the setting sun on your power bike that is not only pleasurable but also absolutely devoid of any chance of you being in any form of danger. I hope whatever you decide to undertake is an adventure that will utterly blow your mind and leave you dumbfounded. I have no doubt that you will have a wonderful time and that everything will go off without a hitch according to your plans. I am certain of this.


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