Norma Roberson Obituary, Norma Roberson Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Norma Roberson Obituary, Death – On the morning of January 4, 2023, Norma Jean Roberson (Cole) passed away while she was embraced by the love and support of her family and friends. Her passing occurred early in the morning. She was the eldest of her five siblings, which included her twin brother Gary Dean Cole, her sisters Linda West (Cole) and Kathy Lowrance (Cole), and her youngest brother Charles Wesley Cole. She was the oldest of her siblings. She was the eldest of the five children and was born on July 27, 1942 in Jacksboro, Texas to parents Clinton Wesley Cole and Leona Goldie Cole (Holt). She was the firstborn child

Norma was a fearless Christian woman who was also a passionate, caring, and loyal mother and grandmother. She was devoted to her family and she cared deeply about them. She made a selfless sacrifice for the sake of her children and grandkids. She never stopped being concerned about the well-being of other people and made the most of any opportunity to help those who were having difficulty making ends meet. She was the kind of lady that didn’t keep back her thoughts and opinions, and she had a way of brightening up whatever space she entered. In addition to being trustworthy, honest, and humorous, she possessed a smile that was contagious.

And now, the one who she cherished and venerated as the one who would save her is the one who is carrying her. Before Norma was born, both of her parents, Clinton Wesley Cole and Leona Goldie Cole, and her twin brother, Gary Dean Cole, had passed away. Norma’s mother and father were married. She is survived by her son Scott Roberson and his wife Terry, her grandson Chad Roberts and his wife Takara, her granddaughter Brad Roberson and her husband Vanessa, and her great-grandchildren Kendall, Hannah, and Beau Roberson. She is also survived by her daughter Melissa Evans and her husband Joel.


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