Nicole Cooper Obituary, Young Melbourne mother, 39, died of bowel cancer

Nicole Cooper Obituary, Death – Nicole Cooper, 39, an incredible advocate for Australian healthcare system died of bowel cancer, according to press reports from Melbourne. One of the loveliest and most generous people I’ve ever met, she worked tirelessly to advocate for bowel cancer patients and raise awareness about the condition. She was Tim’s wife and Joshua’s young mother. She came from a wonderful family, and my my condolences go out to her entire family and friends. Kindness ran through her veins. We became good friends after I asked her about participating in my fundraiser book, The Record, around 5 years ago.

She not only supported the book, but she was also someone with whom I could speak at any moment. We had to meet for the chapter in the book through WhatsApp video call because we were 11,000 miles apart, and Nicole then sent me a photo taken especially for me by her brother Sean. We did, however, meet in 2019 at Trafalgar Square during Nicole and her family’s European vacation. She was the same stunning Nicole we’d seen on Instagram every day, and she was a joy to meet. I recall her desperately looking for a good cup of coffee in London!

Bowel cancer has claimed the lives of numerous people. My mother’s death in 2016 broke my heart, but the one wonderful thing that this horrible illness has provided me is the numerous remarkable relationships I’ve made over the last 10 years. Nicole was one of the most special friends I’ve ever had, and the news is sad.Nicole was first written off after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2017. She, on the other hand, fought for and sought a second opinion, which gave her a limited window of opportunity for therapy, which she took and extended her life by 5 years.

It’s difficult to grasp everything she went through simply to live, including the several surgeries. She leaves a major legacy that will considerably contribute to more colon cancer patients having improved treatment options and outcomes. Nicole’s final message, on the other hand, was as heartfelt and true as ever… A reflection of the wonderful, inspiring, and caring soul she was. She had a distinct way with words. Beautiful, terrible, and heartbreaking… Nicole, may you rest in peace.

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