Myra Felix Obituary, Myra Felix has sadly passed away

Myra Felix Obituary, Death–     My late grandfather had one sibling, and that sibling was my great-aunt Myra Grace Felix (née Goodwill), who passed away this afternoon in Potchefstroom. She was my late grandfather’s only sibling throughout his entire life. She held the title of being my family’s eldest aunt. After taking in the information, I couldn’t help but feel as like there was something heavy sitting on top of my shoulders and crushing down on my chest. My grandmother was my grandfather’s only sibling; he had no more brothers or sisters.

At that point in time, she had logged 89 years of professional experience. We have been extremely close for the better part of my whole life, and our friendship has only gotten deeper and stronger in recent years as time has passed and we have grown older together. We have been extremely close for the better part of my entire life.

She was 88 years old, in fantastic health, and had an incredibly sharp mind for someone of her age. She was also in excellent physical condition. In addition to that, her physical health was exceptional. In addition to this, her physical health was top-notch at all times. During the time that Sol Kerzner was building the B Hills Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks, she was working for Sol Kerzner as an employee and was stationed in his accounting office

She worked there while he was building the hotel. The B Hills Hotel was being built at this time, hence this era corresponds to its construction. In addition to these happenings, construction work was also being carried out on the hotel at the same time. She is survived by her two sons, Stephen Felix and Michael Felix, both of whom continue the tradition of bearing the family name Felix in the same manner that their mother did. She was predeceased by her husband.

It was their granddad who had preceded her in death before she herself did. When she leaves, everyone will miss her in a variety of different ways due to the many contributions she has made. The year 1949 was significant for Myra Goodwill since it was the year she arrived on earth as a human being.

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