Monty Maxwell Obituary, Sacramento, California, Longtime Inderkum football coach has died

Monty Maxwell Obituary, Death – Monty Maxwell, 54, who had coached football at Inderkum for many years and had graduated from Vacaville High School in 1986, went unexpectedly due to complications from a stroke. He had been coaching football there for many years. Maxwell coached football in the area for a significant amount of time. During the 1980s, Maxwell was such a fan favorite at Vacaville that the great coach Tom Zunino, who had gone away some years earlier, honored Maxwell by designating a defensive position after him and giving it the name “Monty Backer.” It was general knowledge that Maxwell maintained an open-door policy at his home in Sacramento in order to foster player contact and have his door accessible at all times.

The participants were free to drop over at any time to watch a movie, commiserate about the challenges of real life, or have a meal with one another. In addition to being a family guy, he was also a pioneer in the field of food drives. Monty Maxwell, who passed suddenly at the age of 54 and had worked as an assistant football coach in the region for a number of years, including at Inderkum, had been involved in the sport.

In every sense of the word, Monty exemplified the traits that are essential to becoming a leader. He was generous with his knowledge, as well as his money and his wisdom, which enabled him to assist others in developing into better versions of themselves. Without a shadow of a doubt, he served as motivation. He was happy for you when you were successful. He expressed his confidence in your ability to succeed.The phrase “family is the most important thing” that he would often repeat has been the one that has had the greatest impact on me.

He would often say this phrase. He made a lot of sacrifices in order to take care of his family financially, and he never forgot how important his loved ones are to him. To Jasmine, Taylor, Cheyenne, and Hailey, as well as Marcellus, Zayden, Charlotte, and James, my sincerest sympathies are extended. Your hearts are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. May the memories and legacy that he left behind, as well as the awareness that there is so much love for each and every one of you, offer you some measure of peace.

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