Monica Cannady Obituary, Mum And Kids, Oakland County Froze To Death

Monica Cannady, Obituary, Death – A woman and her two small children were discovered frozen to death in the United States, and the only one to survive was a third youngster who reached out to a complete stranger for assistance. The mom and her children had been left outside in the cold for several hours. The mother and her children had been left outside in the weather with no shelter. According to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Monica Cannady, 35, her son Kyle Milton, 9, and her grandson Malik Milton, 3, were discovered dead in a park in Pontiac, Michigan, on Sunday afternoon. The family’s three members had all been killed. Kyle Milton was discovered with a knife in his possession.

According to the autopsy results and the conclusions reported by Fox 2 Detroit, all three individuals died as a direct result of hypothermia.
Cannady’s ten-year-old daughter, Lilly, fled the incident unharmed. She was the third and final survivor of three children. She was the only one in her family to achieve this achievement. After that, she “awakened” and went to a complete stranger for help. She told the lady who lived near the park that her entire family had died in the horrific calamity that had occurred. This was devastating news for them to hear.
The young lady was brought to the nearest hospital after informing the appropriate authorities, and her condition is currently listed as stable.

During a press conference on Monday, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said the “tragedy was rooted in a mental health issue.”
He believes Canady fled her home within the last week because she believed someone was attempting to kill her. He believes this happened during the week. This most likely occurred towards the middle of the week. She then spent her Saturday wandering around the neighborhood and knocking on doors, begging for food while turning down money offers from others. According to the evidence gathered, Cannady’s relatives regarded her behavior as paranoid.

According to Bouchard, the police got complaints of a family strolling the streets unprepared for the cold days before they were discovered dead. The family was discovered dead days after the 911 calls. After several days, the family’s bodies were located and identified. All members of the family were discovered to have died, according to reports. The authorities’ investigations into the missing family, he claims, were unproductive, and they were unable to locate them. The sheriff told WXYZ that the mother encouraged her children to lie down on the ground and sleep, as well as to conceal themselves if anyone approached them.

In addition, the mother is believed to have instructed her children to sleep on the ground. The sheriff is also claimed to have revealed that the mother had told her children to sleep on the floor. According to Bouchard, “no one else did,” meaning that the only one who awoke was the woman who survived the tragedy. The GoFundMe account set up for Cannady’s surviving daughter has garnered approximately $16,000 (£12,900) in donations as of the start of the day on Wednesday. The goal of the account was to collect funds for the purpose of paying for necessary medical bills.



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