Michael Herbold Obituary, 40 Years-Old, Michael Herbold Has Passed Away

Michael Herbold Obituary, Death – Michael T. Herbold passed away on January 19, 2023, in the Glens Falls Hospital, where he had been a patient for the previous year. He had been there for a total of 365 days. That particular day was the one on which he passed away. The man ultimately was unable to overcome his illness and passed away at the hospital where he was receiving treatment for it before he could be discharged. His body was laid to rest in the medical center where he had been treated. During that specific instant in time, he was already well into the first year of his thirtieth decade on our planet. He had been alive for thirty years.

The M.B. Kilmer Funeral Home, which is located at 123 Main Street in the community of Argyle, New York 12809, is currently in the process of wrapping up the final preparations for the funeral that will take place there at this present moment. This is the day that the funeral will take place. The memorial event is going to take place this Saturday as originally planned. You may reach them using the following telephone number: (607) 782-2809. This is in the event that you are interested in contacting them. An announcement of the person’s demise will be made in a forthcoming issue of “The Post Star,” which will also contain an obituary for the recently departed individual.

the obituary is slated to be published in the coming issue. This obituary will be revised in the near future to include newly discovered information as well as expanded commentary on the life of the person who recently passed away. We would be happy if you could take the time to offer the family your condolences in the guestbook that is posted on our website at www.kilmerfuneralhome.com. You may find the webpage at www.kilmerfuneralhome.com. The website can be accessed using the address www.kilmerfuneralhome.com. If you could get in touch with the family, your message would be much valued by them, and they would be thrilled to hear from you. They would very much appreciate it. If you could get in touch with the rest of the family, that would be great.


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