Michael Englund Obituary, 55 Years Old Michael Englund of Ford River Has Passed Away

Michael Englund Obituary, Death – Husky Bear Michael R. Michael R. On Sunday, January 15, 2023, Englund, who was 55 years old, passed dead as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident. His death occurred. The man known as “Husky Bear” Michael R. Englund lived in the Ford River neighborhood. Within the neighborhood, people referred to him as “Husky Bear.” He was born in Antigo, Wisconsin on October 23, 1967 and is the son of Richard J. and Sharon L. (Martinson) Englund. His birth date is October 23. His mother had the surname Martinson as her maiden name. His birthday was on October 23rd, and the month was October. The family name Martinson, which had been used by his mother before she married, was given to him by his mother’s father.

Mike moved to Escanaba when he was a young child and attended Escanaba High School, from which he graduated high school in the year 1986. Mike obtained his diploma from Escanaba High School. Mike is a high school graduate from the Escanaba district. The year 1976 was significant since it was the year that he and his family moved into the new house that they purchased in the region. In addition to his duties as owner and operator of Englund Trucking, Mike was also employed in the logging industry for a sizeable portion of the period that he was in company. During this time, Mike was in the logging industry. His vocation was not only the object of his affection but also a large part of his life up until the year 2022, when he was given the opportunity to sell the company.

After that, his vocation became less of an important part of his life. On the other hand, he made the most of the circumstances by exploiting them to their full potential. When he was younger, he used to get a thrill out of riding snowmobiles, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. More recently, he has discovered that going on camping holidays offers him a sense of fulfillment and delight. Mike was an experienced sailor who had been a part of the Escanaba Yacht Club in the past. It was one of his favorite things to do in his leisure time to head out on the ocean in a sailboat. Every day, he looked forward to spending time with his parents, enjoying the delectable meals that were cooked by his mother, and frolicking around the home with his dog, Zimba.

In addition to that, he took pleasure in spending time with his parents, eating the delicious meals that were provided by his mother, and engaging in all of these activities. Mike is survived by his parents, Richard and Sharon Englund, of Escanaba; his siblings, Dick (Sue) Englund of Escanaba and Janet (Tim) Englund of St. Augustine, FL; an aunt, Ethel Rademacher; an uncle, Neil (Debbie) Martinson; and numerous nephews and nieces, including Trever, Austyn, and Eli Englund, Nick Wellman, and Jasmine and Taylor Brailey. Mike Mike Mike His lifelong best friend Kathy Dubord and his uncle Al Martinson, who was his constant companion throughout his entire life, both passed away before he did. Al Martinson was his constant companion throughout his entire life. Throughout the entirety of his life, Al Martinson was at his side every step of the way.


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