Michael Compoccia Virginia Obituary, Michael Compoccia Has Passed Away

Michael Compoccia Obituary, Death – What I’ve been told does not strike me as the kind of thing that I could possibly recognize as being real. I find it hard to believe that what I’ve been told is actually accurate. My heart broke even more deeply than it did the first time I heard about the tragic death of a long-time friend when I learned of the passing of another long-time friend who had been a close companion for many years. Both of them were people who I had known for a very long time.

When you continue to see someone who you used to hang out with on a regular basis years after they have passed away, and you see the words “rest in peace” next to their name, it feels a little bit strange. This is especially true if the person went away unexpectedly. This is especially the case if the person’s death came as a complete and sudden surprise. You handed me drumsticks back when we were both in middle school and were in all of the bands together back then. I still remember it clearly.

Those drumsticks are still in my possession to this very day. They meant a lot to me back then because of how much I liked you and how much passion you had for the music, and they are going to mean even more to me now than they did to me back then because of how much more I love and appreciate you now than I did back then. Because you showed such a high level of love for the music, when I was younger I placed a significant amount of importance on them. I will pray for you and the other important people in your life, such as the members of your family and the people you care about the most. I will also pray for those who are important to the people care about the most.


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