Michael Breen Obituary, California, Michael Breen Has Passed Away

Michael Breen Obituary, Death – Michael Breen, who had been battling dementia for a long time, finally succumbed to the illness and died at his home in peace. On the nineteenth day of April, Michael was introduced into the world. It was Michael J. Breen and Maureen Costello, who would go on to become his parents, who gave birth to him. Albuquerque, New Mexico is where he and Pauline, his wife of 61 years, as well as their three sons, Michael of Seal Beach, California, and Steven of Long Beach, California, as well as Marc and Toni Breen, and their two grandkids, Olympia and Maximus Breen, all call this city home.

They all carry on his legacy after his passing. His Aunt Gerry Costello, who resides in Waterbury, Connecticut, along with a sizable number of his cousins, nieces, and nephews, are all related to him. Mike had spent the last fifteen years of his life residing in Leisure World, and during that time, he had been a part of a wide array of organizations and activities, such as the Y’s Service, the Golf League, Karaoke, and the Chorale. Karaoke and performing with his grandchildren dancing along with him at Chorale concerts were two of the most memorable things that happened to him during that time period in his life.

Mike was a devoted fan of the Boston Red Sox in particular and a sports enthusiast in general who was very into the game. Mike spent several years working as a coach, umpire, referee, and judge for a variety of sporting events, including softball, basketball, and diving competitions, in both Connecticut and California. These events took place across a wide range of sports. When there weren’t enough people to grant his three sons a spot in Little League or Flag Football, he stood up and became the commissioner.

This allowed him to fulfill his obligation to his children. Even after his sons were no longer interested in participating in activities of this nature, he continued to be active in the group. After growing up in Waterbury, Connecticut, and then Thomaston, Connecticut, with his family, he ultimately found his way to Leisure World after retiring there. Both of these places are located in the state of Connecticut. The fact that he would no longer be required to clean snow from his driveway after moving to California was the thing that made him the happiest after making the move.

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