Maynette Dobard Obituary, 98-year-old Louisiana woman among two killed after car rear-ends tractor trailer

Maynette Dobard Obituary, Death – When their vehicle collided with a tractor-trailer that was stopped on the shoulder of Highway 190 early on Thursday morning in the Pointe Coupee Parish of Louisiana, it caused a fatal accident that involved other vehicles and resulted in the death of multiple people. The parish of Pointe Coupee was the location of the terrible event. This collision was directly responsible for the deaths of two people in the immediate area.

The victims have been identified as Barbara Dobard Rigby, who was 69 years old, and Maynette Dobard, who was 98 years old at the time of the incident. They were both natives of Alexandria, which is located in Egypt. Both of the victims were positively identified by the authorities who investigated the incident. When Rigby was driving her SUV eastbound on US 190 near La. 978, her car went off the pavement to the right and hit the rear end of a tractor-trailer that was fitted with operational emergency lights. Rigby was injured as a result of the collision. The preliminary investigation into the matter that was carried out by the State Police has shown that this is, in fact, the situation. Because the State Police undertook an investigation into the situation, which you can read about here, they were able to obtain the evidence that they needed to make their case.

The officials claim that the 18-wheeler’s sleeper cab only had enough space for one person, and that person managed to get out of there unscathed despite everything that happened. The bodily fluids of the motorist who was found to be dead were seized for the purpose of conducting toxicology tests, and the authorities have stated that the results of those exams will be made public once they have been completed after those examinations have been completed. The inquiry into the reasons that contributed to the crash is still ongoing at this point in time.

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