Matthew Prentice Obituary, Santa Cruz County resident has passed away

Matthew Prentice Obituary, Death – When our dearly loved son and devoted friend Matt departed away suddenly on December 10th, 2022, our world was turned upside down in an instant and will never be the same. Matt was born in Santa Cruz County and raised there throughout his childhood. After graduating from Soquel High School, he went on to Chico State University to earn his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Because of his fearless nature and love of exploration, he has always had an affinity for activities that take place outside.

It was no surprise that he went to work for the California Department of Parks and Recreation because he enjoyed activities such as fishing, hiking, duck hunting with the Duck Club, and discovering new areas. He had a large number of family members and friends who enjoyed simply being in his presence because they could not get enough of his infectious laughter and the twinkle that shone from his beautiful blue eyes.

His father and stepmother, John and Darlene Prentice, as well as his mother and stepfather, Heidy Burton and Brett Freiberg, as well as his siblings Nick, Chris, Mikayla, James, Kayla, Tommy, and Emilie, will never get over the loss of their brother and son.

We are aware that despite the fact that he was only here with us for a short period of time, he had a significant influence on everyone he met. We are saddened by his passing, but we take comfort in the fact that we will all be back together again someday. In the meanwhile, we shall honor his memory and hold him dear since he will remain in our hearts forever.

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