Matthew Perrigin Obituary, Victim identified in deadly Walker Co. shooting, manhunt underway

Matthew Perrigin Obituary, Death – It has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual who was reported to be the victim of the shooting that took place in Walker County in the wee hours of the morning yesterday was, in fact, the individual who was slain as a result of being shot. It was revealed that the guy who had gone away on Friday was a Quinton native named Matthew Perrin. He was found to have been a resident of Quinton. His age was 32 at the time. The medical examiner was the one who presented this information to us.

According to the files that are maintained by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, there are two separate individuals who each have a warrant out for their arrest (WCSO). Corey Ryan Mahaffey, age 36, from Dora is wanted for first-degree murder while committing a robbery and for first-degree murder while aiding and abetting another person in the commission of a robbery. Both of these crimes were committed while Mahaffey was committing a robbery. While Mahaffey was in the process of carrying out a robbery, these two crimes were carried out simultaneously. When one of these offenses is committed, the possibility of receiving the death penalty exists. In addition to this, it has been determined that Mahaffey is responsible for two counts of assault in the first degree. Mahaffey was the one who was charged with these offenses.

According to the information that has been made public by the authorities, additional allegations against a male juvenile suspect are currently being investigated.
According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO), the investigation into the whereabouts of the two suspects is still ongoing at this time. The Western Cape Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) is hunting for two people. Graben Hill Drive, which is located on the eastern edge of Jefferson County and is adjacent to Walker County, was the scene of a shooting that took place early on Thursday morning. This was the place where the incident took place. It would appear that the event was the consequence of a theft that had occurred at an earlier time. According to the findings of the inquiry into what took place, the aftermath of the incident resulted in injuries sustained by two additional people.


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