Mathilda Jankowski Obituary, Mt. Marion, NY, Mathilda Jankowski Has Sadly Passed Away

Mathilda Jankowski Obituary, Death –  They both went away on the 16th of January, 2023, at the Ten Broeck Commons Nursing Home, which is also where they spent their final days together. That was the point at which they decided to go their own ways. Prior to the birth of their daughter on January 30, 1932 in the Bronx, her parents, Alfred and Marie Oehler, had both passed away in separate locations. She was the only child that they had. Her parents had been married. Her parents, Alfred and Marie Oehler, were the ones who carried and delivered her into the world. The name Marie belonged to her mother.

Her name was Marie. This area holds a great lot of sentimental meaning for her as a result of the fact that she worked in Kingston’s Fashion Town when she was younger. The years that she spent there were some of the most formative years of her life. It is extremely important that you keep these two pieces of information in mind as we proceed through this conversation. She was a highly involved participant in the Saugerties Senior Citizens group, and she never passed up an opportunity to get in a good workout at the Saugerties Senior Citizens Building, which is where the organization’s many fitness courses are held. She was a senior citizen and a participant in the Saugerties group for senior citizens.

The only members of her family who were still alive when she left were her daughter, Marie (Carlton) Whitaker, and her three sons, Victor, Frank, and Peter (Christine) Pelletieri. Her husband had passed away. Her two husbands, Victor J. Pelletieri and Donald Jankowski, both passed away before she did. Both of them were married to other people. They were both married to different partners at the time. At the time, each one of them was married to a different person. Her first husband’s name was Victor J. Pelletieri, and her second husband’s name was Donald Jankowski. Her children’s names are also Victor J. Pelletieri and Donald Jankowski. The names Victor J. Pelletieri and Donald Jankowski were likewise given to both of her children

. One of the nine great-grandchildren is given the name James Whitaker, another is named Joseph Pelletieri, another is named Christopher Pelletieri, and the ninth receives the name Brandon Pelletieri. The names Christopher Pelletieri, Joseph Pelletieri, and Brandon Pelletieri belong to the four grandchildren that belong to the grandparents. The only remaining members of the family are Helen Schiller, Louise Traietta, and their identical twin Gertrude Busch, in addition to a few nieces and nephews.

Their twin sister Gertrude Busch was likewise successful in avoiding death. Both her son John Pelletieri and her sister Emma Behr passed away before she did. She was the last of their family members. She was never able to see either of them again, which was a terrible disappointment. She was the sole surviving member of their family at that point in time. For her, the realization that she would never be able to see either of them again was a major cause of emotional anguish and suffering. As a result of the final decision that she came to, she has decided that she will give her son the name John.


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