Marvin Baker Obituary, Madison, Alabama Resident Mourns the death of Marvin Baker

Marvin Baker Obituary, Death – As my family and I prepare to say goodbye to my Uncle Marvin Baker Sr., we are doing it with sad hearts due to the fact that we are going to miss him so very much. Everyone who ever had the privilege of calling him a friend will experience a profound feeling of bereavement upon learning of his passing. He never met a stranger! All of the recollections, such as the holidays, the vacations, The Alabama games RTR, the jokes, and the warmth that we all had with one another

These are the kinds of memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. My great-uncle Marvin was the kind of person who would quite literally give someone the clothing off his back. He was also the one who was responsible for teaching me many of the things in life that I consider to be the most essential. I simply will not be able to hold my excitement until that beautiful day when we will both be together!! During this time, we are going to continue to cherish Diarita and the rest of the family, and we are going to maintain our promise to look after them by providing for all of their needs.

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