Malcom Storer Obituary, Malcom Storer sadly passed away

Malcom Storer Obituary, Death-    The shocking and unfortunate information that the well-liked groundhopper Malcolm Storer had passed away has left the club in a state of astonishment. Because of this unexpected change of events, the club is taken off guard.

Malcolm exemplified the term “gentleman,” and during his entire life, he was a passionate supporter of the club. He was a member of the club for many years. Over the course of many years, Malcolm was a contributing member of the club. He would make the trip to the stadium on a regular basis to witness a number of other clubs, including our first team, FC Sez, Forest Women’s, and a range of other clubs, among others. ..

A gentleman who not only sponsored our club but also a large number of other local teams and charities in the region, which made him a genuine servant to the community of non-league football players and fans. In addition to sponsoring our club, he also sponsored a large number of other local teams and charities in the region.

Not only did he finance our club, but he also sponsored a significant number of other neighborhood sports teams and other organizations in the area. Not only did he provide financial support for our group, but he also funded a considerable number of other neighborhood sports teams and other local organizations in the region.

As a consequence of this man’s passing away, the lives of those individuals who were fortunate enough to be able to call him a friend will be significantly impaired by the absence of a vital component. Bearded one, you have led an adventurous life; I hope that you are now able to find the calm and serenity that you have been searching for now that you have come this far.

On Saturday, before to our match against the Anstey Nomads, there will be a moment of silence in memory of a person who was a part of either our team or our community and who died away in recent times. This will occur prior to the beginning of the game

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