Maggie McBride Obituary, A Human Rights Consortium Administrator Has Died

Maggie McBride Obituary, Death – Maggie McBride, who was not only a friend but also an employee, left abruptly on December 29, 2022. Everyone was shocked by her demise. Every single one of us held her in the highest regard. We were all caught off guard when she abruptly left; we had not anticipated it. We are writing to express our deepest condolences to you and to let you know that we are deeply saddened by her passing. We are sorry for your loss and regret to inform you that she has passed away.

Maggie has accumulated more than 16 years of experience in the field of human rights administration through her work as the Administrator for the Human Rights Consortium. We shall all miss her dearly once she has left our squad because she was a valuable member of our team who was compassionate, hardworking, and kind. She will be remembered as a team member who worked hard and was compassionate, gentle, and kind. She worked very hard and was quite enthusiastic about what she was doing.

The Consortium’s staff, board, and members would like to send their sincerest condolences to her sons Kyle and Ruairi, daughters-in-law Trish and Sue, grandchildren Riley, Willow, and Sol, and all of her other loved ones during this trying and terrible time. We sincerely regret the loss you have experienced. When we learned of your mother’s demise, we were incredibly devastated. We are in a terrible state of grief after hearing the news of your mother’s passing.


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