Madison Allen Obituary, Residence of Fresno Has Sadly Passed Away

Madison Allen Obituary, Death –  The name of the person who was killed on Tuesday in the southwest neighborhood of Fresno when they were struck by a car has been identified by the Fresno County Coroner’s Office thanks to their investigation into the incident. Tuesday afternoon was when the event took place, if memory serves correctly.

It was discovered that the individual who had passed away as a result of the event had been 67 years old and was known by the name Madison Allen Jr. Madison Allen Jr. called the city of Fresno his home during his time in California. At approximately 9:30 p.m., a lady called the police to report that she had hit a pedestrian with her vehicle near the intersection of Elm and California.

The woman’s vehicle was located near the intersection of those two streets. She dialed the number provided and reported the incident to the proper authorities. The woman’s statement was taken by the police as part of their investigation when they responded to the call that was placed.

The vehicle was moving along the road when the pedestrian, who was strolling on the roadway, walked right into the path of the vehicle as it was traveling along the road, according to the police report. The assertions provided by the law enforcement officers are consistent with the findings of our investigation.

driver of the car did not see the pedestrian, therefore they were unable to steer away from him in time to avoid getting into an accident with him. As a result, they got into an accident with the pedestrian. As a direct consequence of this, the pedestrian and they were involved in an accident.

The authorities have said and brought attention to the fact that they do not have any evidence to support their inference that drugs or alcohol played a role in the occurrence of the event. They have stated that there is no basis for them to suspect that drugs or alcohol played a role in the occurrence, and this has been confirmed. The authorities have asserted that they do not have any grounds to assume that drugs or alcohol played a role in the incidence, and they have not provided any evidence to support this assertion.

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