Lucile Randon Obituary, Residence of France Lucile Randon Has Sadly Passed Away

Lucile Randon Obituary, Death – Sister Andre, who is currently 118 years old, has witnessed a wide variety of historically significant events throughout the course of her lifetime. She has lived through 118 years. These catastrophes include not one but two pandemics in addition to two world wars taking place on opposite corners of the world.

Lucile Randon, the oldest person who ever lived, and passed away suddenly while she was resting peacefully in her sleep just a few weeks before she would have turned 119 years old. Her death makes her the oldest person who ever lived. She held the record for the longest lifespan in human history.

Lucile Randon is credited as having the longest recorded longevity of any person who has ever been studied. The 11th of February, 1904 was the day she was born in Ales, Texas, and she was the one who held the record for the longest lifespan. The same year that she was born was the same year that building on the Panama Canal began, the Entente Cordiale peace treaty between Britain and France was signed, and the first subway line in New York City was erected. She was born in the year 1904.

She was the only female member of her family, which was made up entirely of males and included three brothers. She was brought up in a home that was devoutly Protestant, and she was the only girl in her family. When she was just 12 years old, she started working as a governess in Marseille, France, one year prior to the start of World War I.

Her employer was the French government. Her charge consisted of three infants and toddlers. She was the only child who had ever been born into their family’s existence. This took place before to the start of the battle. She proceeded by saying, “I’ve had plenty of unhappiness in life, and during the 1914-1918 war when I was a youngster, I suffered like everyone else.” This comment was made by her on a French radio program in the year 2020.

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