Liz Mc Greivy Obituary, Tubrid Studios Potter Has Passed Away

Liz Mc Greivy Obituary, Death – Liz Mc Greivy, who had been ill for some time, passed away the day before yesterday. (She would have preferred it much more if I had claimed that she had passed away.) After a prolonged struggle against her disease, she ultimately conceded defeat to it. During the competition, she proved to be a formidable foe. Her real personality, her outrageously hilarious sense of humor, and her razor-sharp wit will be sorely missed here in the Studios.

Liz was a talented artist who worked in a variety of mediums, such as painting, glasswork, and ceramics. I was successful in tracking down a picture of her molding a house layout on a pottery wheel, and the picture ended up being quite fascinating. They were of the best quality, and I was earning commissions off of their sales of them due to the fact that they were being sold. She was a woman of extraordinary imagination who was a delightful addition to any get-together and always brought something original to the table.

She was a wonderful person. She created works of art out of pottery and glass, and in some of them, she depicted her dog Comra. These works included Comra in both mediums. (Liz is a canine trainer that helps people who are sight challenged in their daily lives) R.i.P Liz, my amazing friend, and partner We are grateful that you made the decision to become a part of our lives, as well as for the fact that you shared everything that you have accomplished with us.

Your presence in these parts will undoubtedly be much missed by many. The students who participated in the pottery groups that were held on Mondays and Saturdays and created pottery with you are collectively referred to as “pottery group participants.” This includes students who worked with glass or painted in addition to Ann and the other students who took part in the pottery groups.

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