Liam Vesey Obituary, Belturbet mourns Liam Vesey's tragic death

Liam Vesey Obituary, Belturbet mourns Liam Vesey’s tragic death

Liam Vesey Obituary, Death – Since the tragic passing of Liam Vesey, there has been an outpouring of support in the form of condolences and memories of him. According to the statement made by the town’s youth club, the entire region of Belturbet and beyond is tremendously devastated by the regrettable and untimely loss of Liam. This includes areas outside Belturbet. The scope of this feeling goes much beyond the confines of Belturbet. During this trying time, the Bounce Back Youth Hub will be open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for anyone who would like to stop by for a cup of tea, some support, or even just to be among friends.

Anyone who is interested in stopping by can contact the Bounce Back Youth Hub at the number listed below. According to the proprietor of a small business in the town, not only has Liam’s death placed a particularly heavy cloud over Belturbet, but it has also cast an especially dark cloud over the entirety of Cavan County.

According to Brendan Fay, a local councilor, the unfortunate and unexpected news that the community of Belturbet has received has hit them very hard. This news has come as a surprise to them. It was said that Liam Vesey was a handsome young guy and that he was a participant in the Belturbet Rory O’Moore’s GFC in the area. It was also mentioned that the entire community will be in mourning for him and that they would miss him very much.

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