Leta Flathe Obituary,Resi Burleson, Staff Of Durham University, New Hampshire Has Died

Leta Flathe Obituary, Death – The death of Leta Hamby Flather took place on January 16th, 2023 in the city of Burleson, Texas, in the United States of America. She died at the age of 94. Her final burial site will be in the West Point cemetery at the United States Military Academy in New York, together with the final resting place of her husband, Colonel Herbert H. Flather, Jr. In lieu of conventional floral tributes, the family would appreciate it if you could make a donation to the American Red Cross. Mary Leta Hamby was born to Clyde and Josie Hamby in Madisonville, Kentucky, on October 30th, 1928. Her parents were Clyde and Josie.

Mary Leta Hamby and her family resided in Princeton, Kentucky, throughout Mary Leta’s childhood. She was a member of the Butler High School class that received their diploma in the year 1946. She had a job at Fort Campbell when she was attending Murray State College, and it was at that job that she made her first acquaintance with the guy who would later become her husband. They chose October 1951 as the month to exchange their vows and become husband and wife. From the time they were married until 1973, Herb and Leta lived in a number of different places all throughout the United States and Europe while serving in the military.

Their most recent position was at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, which is also situated within the state of New Hampshire. 1973 was the year that Herb moved out of the house. During the remaining 42 years of her life, Leta remained in Durham without ever moving elsewhere. She was a regular contributor to the blood donation program run by the American Red Cross, and she volunteered her time to assist the Community Church in the production of Christmas wreaths. She performed this on an annual basis and presented the medal in the honor of her late husband, Colonel Flather, who had been a part of the ROTC in the past.

Her daughter Elizabeth Warren Powers and her husband Colonel Flather both predeceased her. Both of them passed away before she did. She was the only member of her family to have lived to an old age. Those who are able to carry on her legacy include her three sons, Herbert H III, John Howard, and Robert Hamby, as well as her three grandsons, four great-grandchildren, and her sister Marjorie Loftus of Princeton, Kentucky.

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