Leopoldo Benitez Obituary, Republic worlds Mourns Leopoldo Benitez’s Death

Leopoldo Benitez Obituary, Death – At the age of 78, Mexican comedian Leopoldo Roberto Garcia Pelaez Benitez has gone away. His name was Leopoldo Roberto Garcia Pelaez Benitez. The iconic comedic performer was best recognized for his work under the stage name “Polo Polo.” The news that the comedian’s father had gone away was confirmed by the comic’s son, Paul Garcia, who is also a comedian. It was roughly 5:15 in the morning Mexico City time when he broke the news to Ventaneando that his father had passed away.

His son also mentioned that Polo Polo had been diagnosed with vascular dementia before to his passing, which was brought on by a number of strokes that occurred during Polo Polo’s lifetime. Paul continued by saying that Polo Polo had revealed to him that he did not want to be taken to a medical facility and that, instead, he intended to pass away at home with his family looking after him. Polo Polo had told Paul that he did not want to be sent to a medical institution.

As Polo Polo, the man’s son, recounted, my sister had been the one providing the care for him up until that point. “He had been spending time with his family.” In addition, he said, “We honored his ultimate desires; he didn’t want to be put into an institution, he wanted us [family] to take care of him, and my sister did a beautiful job.” He was referring to the fact that the deceased did not want to be admitted to a nursing home.

Paul Garcia described his own father as “kind” and as someone who “didn’t use a lot of terrible language” in his interactions with his son. Paul said that his father “didn’t use a lot of nasty language” He also claimed that throughout his engagements he did humor that was appropriate for all ages, that he enjoyed reading, and that he was proficient at playing the piano.

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