Lenny Oatney Obituary, Leavenworth Kansas Resident Has Died

Lenny Oatney Obituary, Death – The awful news that Lenny Oatney, who resided in Leavenworth, Kansas, passed away under unclear circumstances breaks our hearts. He was survived by a family who is in mourning as well as a large number of friends. He attended the Montpelier Township School for a total of three years before transferring to the Roscoe Public School. The Montpelier Township School was eventually forced to close due to a fall in student enrolment. The next stop on his formal schooling was at Roscoe Public School, where he graduated. Lenny was the third child out of a total of eight, and he was the one who was responsible for taking care of the farm’s animals and helping out with the labor in the fields. And in terms of the chronological order of the births, he was the third in line.

After receiving his diploma from Roscoe High School in 1976, he continued his education at Lake Area Vocational Technical Institute in Watertown, South Dakota, where he earned a degree in Production Agriculture as well as Agricultural Management. After that, he traveled back to his hometown so that he and his family could continue farming. On June 3, 1978, Lenny weds a young lady from Bowdle named LaMae Bieber. LaMae was born in and received her early education in Bowdle. They decided to raise all three of their daughters, Maia, Genevieve, and Jessica, on the farm, and all of their daughters ultimately decided to remain there for the rest of their lives. He stayed within his home until the day he passed away and never ventured out.

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