Lee-James Obituary, Wellington, Western Cape, 10X Pitch-Off Winner Lee-James Cupido, Has Died

Lee-James Obituary, Death – Lee-James Cupido of Wellington, Western Cape, 10X Pitch-Off Winner has sadly passed away, Even though the young man, now 25, has triumphed over cancer three times in a row, this is not the most incredible part of his story. The following information, provided by the Grant Cardone Foundation 10X Hub, brings this incredible account up to date and completes it. The vast majority of you are probably already aware that Lee-James Cupido has fought an admirable battle against cancer over the last several years. Despite his best efforts, he was ultimately victorious over it last night, despite his valiant efforts.

Our hearts go out to his wife and the rest of his family and friends. Our hearts go out to them. Cupido was more than a daydreamer who squandered his time before being discovered in the 10X Hub. He was already employed full-time as a high school teacher and as a coach for the neighbourhood rugby club when he started working for LJC Productions on a part-time basis. He chose the LJC Productions position because he wanted to broaden his teaching experience. As his enthusiasm for the “side project” grew, Lee-James Cupido reached out to Labit and the 10X Hub in an attempt to obtain additional resources. Lee-James observed that locally established, small businesses struggled to establish their identities and become visible in the market.

LJC Productions was founded on the principle that he should be able to give back to the community that has supported him throughout his life. His company offers comprehensive support to locally owned and operated businesses in the community. It offers printing and graphic design services, as well as branding and marketing, for the convenience of its clients, who can benefit from these offerings. He will be sorely missed, but today he is making a new beginning for himself in heaven; how priceless is that?

His legacy will live on in Labit through the Lee James Cupido resilience award, which honors the human spirit, the willingness to fight and persist no matter what – just keeping going. Through this award, his name will be remembered in perpetuity. The award will be given in his honour in the future.

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