Leanne Elliott Obituary, Trindle Spring Lutheran Church Deacon has died

Leanne Elliott Obituary, Death – Yesterday evening (or morning) or some time in between, I arrived in Baltimore to catch up on the latest headlines. It’s like strolling in a dream. But I do remember waking up again, and you were right. And all I can muster are sighs that are too profound to put into words. Oh, Leanne Elliott I’ve etched you into the pages of my memoir to keep forever. Two elderly women are overheard giggling together in the corner. I hope I won’t have to go back and change it. Sigh.

This morning I find myself completely awestruck and dumbfounded. It’s hard to believe that this lovely lady in the middle, Leanne Elliott, whose ordination we just celebrated with a few short months ago, has already left us. Leanne, you shone like a magnificent beacon. You will be sorely missed (and have already been) in this world. I am so thankful that God allowed us to cross paths and cooperate with one another for all those years.

Tonight I can’t get comfortable because my mind is racing over hundreds of memories from my time as an undergraduate student and the people who were a part of those years. Despite the fact that time and place keep us apart, they are never distant from my thoughts and emotions. As of tonight, we have been informed of the untimely and heartbreaking passing of Leanne Elliott, which was brought about by a car accident. My entire being hurts.

When I think of Leanne, my mind immediately goes to her “partners in crime,” Evan Albright and Lauren Gray. I can’t help but think of them. There was so much happiness and laughter! Prayers are being said for everyone who knew and loved her. Giving thanks for a life that was lived to the fullest, despite the fact that it was cut short, and keeping faith in the promise of eternal life. O Lord, may you grant her eternal rest, and may your light shine brightly upon her always.

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