Laurice Assef Obituary, NEE YARAD Mourns Laurice Assef’s Death

Laurice Assef Obituary, Death– The terrible news that Laurice Assef has passed away has brought on a sense of profound melancholy for all of us here today. Laurice spent many years working in the Yarads store that is located in Taree. She did so alongside her late husband, Bert Assef, who was a partner in the business for many years.

During those years, she worked alongside the person whose name the shop now bears. Bert Assef was a Yarads partner for a significant portion of his working life. Laurice Yarad was a sister who belonged to the Yarad family and was related to both the Yarad brothers and the Yarad sisters. She was the older sister of John Yarad and Bruce Yarad, both of whom also went away. John and Bruce were her brothers. The much-loved traveling friend and comrade in adventure that Bert has (dec). Mother to Anthony, Richard, and Vera; Christine and Kevin; Sandra and Trevor; and Sandra and Trevor.

Devoted and caring mother to all of her children. This is something that is highly valued by both Sandra and Trevor. A loving grandmother who doted on her grandchildren and was fondly referred to as “Sitty” by all of her grandchildren, including Jessie, Georgia, Danial, and Louis in addition to Jessie.

Your absence in Sister Pauline’s life as a dear friend will be keenly felt, and she will think of you frequently in the future. She will always treasure the time they spent together. Before he went away, both of his brothers, John and Bruce, who were also his brothers, had already passed away. Her entire extended family, along with all of her friends and companions throughout her life, will mourn her dearly. She had a lot of people that were close to her during her life.

Everyone adored and cherished her presence in their lives. Her three adorable furry offspring, Samson, Levi, and Bowie, had unending love and devotion for their mother. They were Samson, Levi, and Bowie.

A memorial service honoring Laurice’s life was going to start the following Monday, January 9, at eleven in the morning at St. John’s Anglican Church in Taree, which is located on Victoria Street. The celebration was going to be in commemoration of Laurice’s passing. After the memorial service, Laurice will have a private ceremony to cremate her remains. This will take place immediately after the service.

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