Laura Fitch Obituary, Amherst massachusetts Laura Fitch Has Passed Away

 Laura Fitch Obituary, Death – She is the sister of the lady who is married to the woman who is my brother’s sister-in-law. My beloved aunt Laura Fitch passed away suddenly on January 1st, leaving behind a host of family and friends. She had been married to my uncle Lyons for the past four decades, and throughout that period, she had remained by his side as their wedded partner. In addition, they had two children together. Laura had a profound and unwavering love for her entire family, which included her husband Lyons, her sons, her grandchildren, her brother and sister, her parents, her nieces, and nephews, as well as her extended family, the community in which she lived in her co-housing unit, the larger community in which she lived, and her many friends.

Her love for her family was so strong that it even extended to the community in which she lived and the many friends she had. This love embraced not just her immediate family but also her extended family, the town in which she lived, and the numerous friends that she had. Her love reached far beyond her immediate family. She was the ideal of the Renaissance woman; not only did she have a variety of interests and skills, but she also took part in a wide variety of activities. She was the perfect example of a Renaissance woman. These activities included things such as architecture, sailing, skiing, gardening, canning, knitting, badminton, cooking, and touring, but they weren’t limited to just those things alone.

Other hobbies such as badminton, cooking, and traveling were also included. Laura has committed her entire life to the cause of protecting the natural environment, in addition to being an activist for political reasons. She was the kind of lady who, during the course of her entire life, never wavered in her beliefs and possessed an inexhaustible zeal for everything that she considered to be near and dear to her heart. Not only does she leave a large loss in our hearts, but she also leaves a void in the lives of her family members and the other people who lived in the neighborhood where she had previously called home.

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