Larry Doiron Obituary, 75 Years Old, Larry Doiron Has Passed Away

Larry Doiron Obituary, Death –  When Larry Doiron, who was 75 years old at the time of his death on January 14, 2023, was a patient at the High Point Hospice in Haverhill, he passed away peacefully without experiencing any discomfort. He had been a patient there for the previous 14 days. Throughout their entire life together, Mary Gail (O’Hara) Doiron held the fact that he was her husband in the highest regard. She valued the fact that he was her spouse. This continued for the full duration of the time that they spent together.
Larry was born on the 21st of February in the year 1947 in the city of Lowell, in the state of Massachusetts. 1947 was the year in question.

Mary L. (Flanagan) (Doiron), his mother, is still alive, but his father, Joseph Doiron, has already passed away. Mary L. (Flanagan) (Doiron) Brill The couple’s son was given the name Larry after he was born. His whole schooling took place in the public schools of Lowell, and he graduated from Lowell High School in 1964 together with the rest of his high school class. He did not attend any private schools. His whole education was completed within the Lowell Public School system. After graduating from high school, Larry joined the United States Marine Corps and served his country in Vietnam for the next 19 months of his enlistment.

During this time, he was awarded the Purple Heart medal for his service. During that time, he was stationed in Vietnam, where he was performing a military duty for his country. He had worked his way up through the ranks of the Marine Corps and attained the rank of Sergeant by the time he finally retired in 1969 and left the service for good. Larry and Mary Gail O’Hara decided to have their wedding ceremony on June 29, 1968, at St. Patrick’s Church in Lowell, Massachusetts. The date of the event was June 29. This past year marked the couple’s 55th wedding anniversary, and they just recently held a party to commemorate the occasion. This married pair has been together for quite some time now.

Larry was always looking forward with a great deal of excitement to the upcoming activities of going to Rockingham Park to watch the horse races in person and sitting down in front of the television to follow the New England Patriots on game day. Both of these events were things that he followed closely. He was well-known for his passion for walking, and one of his most cherished pastimes was to go on extended, unhurried strolls all throughout the city of Lowell. He did this frequently. He had such a positive experience there that he decided to name the city after himself.

In addition to his mother Mary and his wife Mary Gail, Larry is survived by his brother Thomas J. Doiron and his wife Carmela, who reside in Montreal, Canada; his brother-in-law Frank O’Hara and his wife Maureen, who reside in Seabrook Beach, New Hampshire; his nieces and nephews Sabrina Bazley and her husband Ben of England, Judi O’Hara and Tom Carden, Frank O’Hara and Penne, Steven O’Hara and Michelle
As a result of the excellent treatment that Larry received at Northeast Rehab Hospital in Salem, New Hampshire, the members of Larry’s family would like to extend their appreciation to the establishment. The state of New Hampshire is home to the Northeast Rehab Hospital. The Northeast Rehab Hospital can be found in the town of Salem, which is located in the state of New Hampshire.


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