Lara Roetzel Obituary, Long time Chief Deputy State’s Attorney has died

Lara Roetzel Obituary, Death – It is with a heavy heart that we announce Lara Roetzel’s departure from her position as Chief Deputy State’s Attorney, a role she has held for a significant amount of time, and as Interim State’s Attorney, a role she has held for the past several months. Both of these roles she has held during her tenure with the office of the State’s Attorney. During the time that she has worked for the office of the State’s Attorney, she has served in both of these capacities. She has worked for the office of the State’s Attorney for a number of years, and throughout that time she has held both of these positions.

She has dedicated her entire career to fighting for the rights of those living in Pennington County who have been the recipients of unfair treatment and working relentlessly to defend and advocate for those rights throughout the course of her career. In her new position as an advocate for the South Dakota Network Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault, she intends to carry on the fruitful job that she has been doing up to this point in time. Up to this point in time, she has been occupied with this particular line of employment.

She is determined to carrying on the job that she has been doing as an advocate for persons in the state of South Dakota who have been the victims of crimes that have been committed in the state! She is a wonderful addition to the state of South Dakota, which is extremely lucky to have someone of her ability working for it and is in a position to benefit much from having someone of her caliber on its payroll. Her presence in the state is very much to be welcomed.

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