Kyle Winkfield Washington DC, Kyle Winkfield has passed away

Kyle Winkfield Obituary, Death – The person who was the love of my life, my best friend, and my partner in everything passed away on January 2nd. They are now together in heaven. It is impossible to adequately express the breadth and depth of this loss. Because we were his world, we considered him to be our sun. I soaked up almost 17 years of Kyle’s love and light; a gift that I pray will carry me on as I now have no choice but to live more years without him than I had with him; we deserved a lifetime together. I have no choice but to live more years without him than I had with him. I have no choice but to live.

However, Julian will turn 2 in just 16 days, but he was only given 712 days to live. The last 6.5 of those days were traumatic and confusing for all of us, but they had an especially profound effect on a young boy whose entire world is centered on his father. Everyone could see that he and Kyle shared something very special, and it was obvious to them both. Jackson and Cooper have been truly amazing this past week, but they have been robbed just the same. Despite this, they have been so strong and so brave while living in this underserved nightmare.

A loss no child should ever have to bear, Jackson and Cooper have been truly amazing this past week. It is impossible to fathom the breadth and depth of the damage that was done to them. Therefore, I am pleading with you to share your recollections for the sake of our children. Please gather any photos, videos, recorded stories, reflections, and memories that you may have of Kyle, record them, and write them down, and then wait for our follow-up instructions on how to send them. We require all of it.

The humorous, the heartbreaking, the endearing, the professional, the personal, and even the impressions from a distance if you did not have the immense blessing of being close. Something that you send our way could provide much-needed oxygen on any given day. More details regarding the celebration and honoring of Kyle will be provided at a later time; for the time being, our primary focus is on surviving until tomorrow. We are grateful for your love, prayers, and offers of support; we will provide updates as they become available. One of Kyle’s loving frustrations with me was what he called my “extreme independence,” which refers to the fact that I don’t like to ask for help and I have difficulty accepting it when it is offered. It appears that I will have to figure out how to do both at the same time.

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