Kristi Why Obituary, Woman hit by tractor-trailer, killed in York County identified

Kristi Why Obituary, Death – During the evening of December 28, a woman was struck by a tractor-trailer. According to the York County Coroner’s Office, the woman was declared dead at the scene, and the cause of death was later determined to be an accidental death. The incident was reported to have occurred. On Friday, the woman was found to be Kristi Why, and the age assigned to her by the coroner’s office was 37 years old. In addition, they christened her with the name Kristi Why. Why was she supposedly out on a walk with a partner in the vicinity of Arsenal Road eastbound and the off-ramp for Interstate 83 when she tripped and wounded herself, as stated by the office of the coroner in charge of the investigation into her death?

This incident took place close to the intersection of the two roads, according to the description of its location. According to the findings of the office of the coroner, she was unable to get back up on her feet and defend herself before being struck by a tractor-trailer that was exiting the off-ramp. She was pronounced dead at the scene. According to the findings of the coroner’s office, emergency medical personnel came to the scene and attempted to resuscitate Why while they were there. However, Why did not survive his injuries and was pronounced dead on the spot. On the other hand, the medical examiner announced that she had passed away at 9:10 o’clock on Wednesday evening.

According to the report that was prepared by the office of the coroner, the tractor-trailer did not come to a complete stop at the location of the incident after it collided with Why. This information is taken from the report that was created. According to the information that was made available by the coroner’s office, the occurrence is currently being looked into by the Pennsylvania State Police. [Further citation is required] You are strongly invited to get in touch with them at the following number, 717-428-1011 if you have any information pertaining to the occurrence.

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